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Webinaire with the American Space in Isfara. Guests: Rett Ertl, Sophia Stoller and Peter Stoller.

On June 23, 2020, Rett Ertl, the president of Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities and BDSC board members, Sophia and Peter Stoller, were invited to participate in an interesting online presentation with Parviz Abdumanonov and Zulfikor Abdulkhamidov from the American Space in Isfara, Tajikistan. 

“American Spaces” are centers providing reliable information from and about the United States in the form of local programming, the internet, and book collections in English. They also offer courses in English and technology instruction, such as computer software training, mostly for children and youth. These centers are sponsored through partnerships between the U.S. embassy and the host country. There are currently eight American Spaces located in various cities throughout Tajikistan.

In this hour-long session, the BDSC participants covered topics about the history of Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities, the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse, and the Friendship Center in Tajikistan. Tajik audience members from Isfara interacted with the BDSC representatives through a live question and answer session. Here is the full presentation video.

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