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Membership and Benefits

If you believe in people-to-people exchange and are not a member yet, consider joining BDSC with an annual membership. Membership fees help support ongoing and future sister city programs. Your membership dues help BDSC to organize cultural exchanges, execute music, dance, and visual arts events for adults and children, promote and support visits of professional teachers, lawyers, physicians from Tajikistan, plan community events (such as the annual Navruz - Persian New Year - celebration), and teach about Tajik and Central Asian culture in schools and adult organizations.

Annual membership fees are: 

Student/Senior Member – $20

Individual/Household Member – $30

Business Membership – $130

Silver Teapot Supporter – $250

(All transactions are done through PayPal)

NEW! All new members receive a Membership card which offers a 10% discount at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse and other Three- Leaf restaurants (Huckleberry, Chautauqua, Zucca, and Leaf). All new members are entitled to one free lunch at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse.

To join, visit the BDSC website: Click on “membership” and follow the instructions. Or, send a check to BDSC, 764 Sunshine Canyon Drive, Boulder, CO, 80302. 

Thank you for supporting Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities! 

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