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Dolma & Plov with Hayri Mengliyar

Join Hayri Mengliyar as she celebrates Navrouz with the BDSC community by showing us how we can make homemade Dolma (stuffed grape leaves) and Plov (a tajik rice dish); two of the most celebrated dishes in Central Asia.

The video will be uploaded onto YouTube on Saturday the 20th at 1pm.

Click on the following link to access the video:

Dolma ingredients:

  • Grape leaves ( canned leaves kings, Safeway or Walmart I buy them at Arash Persian store)

  • Ground beef or any ground meat of your choice)-500 g 1 lbs

  • One onion

  • Spices

Plov ingredients:

  • Rice -600 g. Uncle Ben's, Basmati rice or any Parboiled rice.

  • Carrot- 600 g

  • Meat- 600 g (You can use a combination of Beef, Chicken, Lamb)

  • Any type Cooking Oil- I use grape seed and Flaxseed oil combination (about 200 ml)

  • Onion -2 medium 300 g

  • Salt and spices to taste.

  • Cumin 2 tsp

  • Coriander-2 tsp

  • Salt- -2 tsp

  • Chickpeas- 1 can. or you can soak 1/2 cup overnight

  • Water -450 ml

  • Optional garnish:

    • Lemon 1

    • jalapeño- 1 ea,

    • Garlic 1-2 ea

    • Quail eggs ( or regular eggs), pomegranate

Happy Navrouz!

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