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Covid -19 Update from Maarouf Muhamedov June 10, 2020 Dushanbe

PPE  still needed - Maarouf’s group is a major supplier

“The situation has slightly improved. Less cases registered in hospitals. This was approximately a week ago. But yesterday we got information that massive number of people started arriving in one of the hospitals with similar symptoms - vascular inflammation. We immediately received urgent request from this hospital for supply of PPE which we addressed of course. It recently was revealed that many people are still sick and get treatment at homes. Peripheral clinic family doctors conduct surveys house by house to register those who are sick. They also request more and more PPE sets which we are trying to cover.

According to Government and some specialists prediction we are to expect second wave of cases increase. So far there is no major observation of such second wave start, but everyone is so scared and expect it. On the other side, many clinics and hospitals get ready for reopening for reception of ordinary patients who are non-covid patients. Formal restrictive measures were extended till June 15th

From some sources we got information from medical workers saying that the major channel of PPEs supplies was ours. Unfortunately, the official government and humanitarian aid supplies were not visible: some were stored in warehouses for further cases, some disappeared, some were distributed between limited small number of medical specialists. So information is confusing and controversial.

We still get assistance and donations although their amounts have decreased significantly. We are about to launch a call for help over mobile network operators soon.”

Please consider making a donation to assist Maarouf’s group and other groups in acquiring needed PPE and other needed supplies. You can donate at the BDSC website or at the following GoFundMe sites.

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