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COVID-19 has arrived in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, home to Boulder’s Teahouse

No corner of the Earth has escaped Covid-19, including Tajikistan. Despite a long denial of the virus’s existence in the country, closing its border and the reality of people dying of “pneumonia,” the Covid -19 virus arrived.  The Tajik government finally admitted the presence of the virus in the country on April 30 and ordered quarantine. It was a very late date with little prior preparation.  The government has been unable to meet the needs of the situation. In this vacuum, it has fallen to civil society to take action.  Entrepreneurs are organizing to provide food to doctors, medical staff and patients isolated in hospitals. They are also organizing the production of PPE, which is in short supply, and are raising funds to purchase equipment and other needed medical supplies. There are many huge logistical challenges due to bureaucracy, the geographical isolation of the country, mountainous terrain and the ill equipped medical and public health system but these entrepreneurs are creative and determined to help.

COVID-19 Pandemic in Tajikistan

Boulder Dushanbe Sister Cities long-time friend Maarouf Mohomadof, along with other business people, are mobilizing to purchase food, supplies and equipment. They have received over 82 requests from medical institutions all over the country, and have fulfilled 49 of them.  Already, “40 frontline doctors have died from Covid-19”. We are asking the Boulder community to think of their sister community who sent us the beautiful Teahouse and to please consider a donation to our friends’ efforts to help their fellow Tajiks. Just go to Membership & Donation page, and we will pass on your donation to Tajikistan. Thank you. Sophia Stoller Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities member 764 Sunshine Canyon Dr Boulder, Colorado 80302 720-771-3149

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