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Cyber Cafe Reopened

The Friendship Center is opened under new management and the first English classes have already started! The reopening took place in June 2012- Friendship Center Reopening. Below is a translated letter from the Dushanbe City Government announcing the appointment of a new director for the Boulder Friendship Center/Cyber Café in Dushanbe. Deputy Chairwoman, Dushanbe City Hukumat May 28, 2012, City Council, Boulder, City, Colorado, USA Dushanbe City Hukumat (Government) with deep respect expresses its gratitude to our Boulder-Sister City’s efforts and readiness to strengthen ties and relations in all spheres between Boulder and Dushanbe. Whereas, we would like to state that in order to organize the permanent and fruitful activity of Friendship Center – Cyber Café as well as implementing the Charter of the Center, Dushanbe City Hukumat approved a Decision #254 dated May 23, 2012, on appointing Olim Q. Mahkamov to the position of the Director of Friendship Center-Cyber Café.

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It should be stated that on June 27, 2012, the video-conference devoted to the National Day of Unity will be conducted at Friendship Center – Cyber Café. All Dushanbe City students studying abroad would be given an opportunity to meet and talk on-line with their parents and relatives. Sincerely, S. Rahimova, Deputy Chairwoman Mr. Olim Makhkamov has both short and long term goals for the Friendship Center. He has shared the following with Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities: “…As the new Director, I am planning to attract educational and cultural programs in our Friendship Center.

Currently, I am working on renewing our kitchen and providing American style food service. I am planning to provide internet service along with language training programs. Later, I also intend to arrange social and cultural activities by attracting international organizations and embassies that we host in Tajikistan. My ideas regarding introducing Western education and cultural development are at the development stage. Friendship Center has a huge territory unused where I am planning to arrange youth sports activities. I also have some educational and cultural programs in mind for children from poor families. I have already signed a cooperation agreement with MBO Professional LLC regarding educational programs and liquidation of computer illiteracy amongst students in Tajikistan. …” “…Moreover, I am planning to also engage native English Instructors to run training programs.

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Summing up, the followings are my short term plans and ideas that I am planning to apply in the Friendship Center:

● Language Training Programs

● Computer Training Programs

● Debate and Discussion Clubs (English)

● Video Clubs (English)

● Presentations in English on different topics using modern technology

● Children’s Summer Camp

● Reading Club

● Sport Activities

● American History

● American Holidays

● Globalization

● Food and beverage 

The long term plans are to arrange: Social and Economic Research programs, TOEFL BT training, testing center, Scholarship programs for students, graduates and etc. Providing Internet for the Friendship area residents. Once again I am pleased to meet with you and I hope for further cooperation. Should you have any suggestions or new programs in mind please do not hesitate to share them with us. We are always open to new ideas and programs. Looking forward to the renewal of our relationship and fruitful mutual cooperation.” June 27th, National Day of Unity, is an important holiday in Tajikistan. It celebrates the end of their civil war. They are planning to have the Friendship Center open, allowing parents and relatives who have children studying abroad to come in and skype or email during the day.

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