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Visiting Tajikistan 2022

In September of 2022, several members of the BDSC board embarked on a trip to Tajikistan. The group began their journey in Uzbekistan, visiting both Tashkent and Samarkand. In Samarkand they were able to experience the historical square of Registan, several paper making businesses, and a necropolis. Upon arrival in Tajikistan, the group visited a hostel and dining hall in Sarazm owned by a woman who stayed with the Ertls in Boulder. In Sarazm they were also able to tour the famous 7 lakes- a sight to behold. The group then made their way over to Dushanbe where they visited the Friendship Center- a building gifted by the citizens of Boulder to serve as a learning hub. The group met with the Deputy Mayor of Dushanbe, with whom they were able to discuss their hopes and concerns for the friendship center. At the end of their journey the group met with an old friend, Maruf Mirahmatov, who worked on the Teahouse.

The group in front of Lake No. 1 of the Seven Lakes (Haft Kul) Anton Relin, Tania Ertl, Br
The city of Khujand from an aerial tram, with the Syr Darya River.jpg

The Group in Front of Lake No. 1 of the Seven Lakes (Haft Kul): Anton Relin, Tania Ertl, Brian Muller, Katy Yates, Rett Ertl, Bob Yates

The City of Khujand From an Aerial Tram, With the Syr Darya River

Feast at Maruf's house. At left, Anton Relin; center, Khaydar Mirakhmatov; right, Tania Er

Feast at Maruf's Home. Left, Anton Relin; Center, Khaydar Mirakhmatov; Right, Tania Ertl

Guide Rahim, Anton, Tania, Katy, Bob overlooking Panjikent

Guide Rahim, Anton, Tania, Katy, Bob overlooking Panjikent

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