About Boulder


Population : 103,000
Latitude : 40.01 °N
Longitude : 105.17 °W
Ethnicity : Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African-American, Native American
Universities : University of Colorado, Naropa University


Area : 104,247 sq. miles
Topography : 50% mountainous
Moutain Range : Rocky Mountains
Highest Peak : Mt Elbert 14,433ft.
Rivers : Colorado, N. Platte, S. Platte, Arkansas
Industries : tourism, high tech, ranching, mining, gas/oil
Agriculture : cattle, hay, corn, wheat, potatoes

Boulder, State of Colorado, is located in the central portion of the United States backed by the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Half way around the world from Dushanbe, Boulder sits on the banks of Boulder Creek in the Boulder Valley, 5,430 feet above sea level. Colorado’s economy is listed first in the nation (tied with Utah) in its strength and potential for growth, and has the highest concentration of high-tech workers per capita in the nation. About 75 percent of residents have access to the Internet.

Boulder City grew slowly after first being organized in 1859 as a supply base for miners seeking their fortunes in gold and silver in the nearby mountains. Originally part of the Nebraska Territory, Boulder City became part of the Colorado Territory when it was established by Congress in 1861. It incorporated as a town 10 years later and became the seat of the county. More on Boulder history…

The University of Colorado was founded in Boulder City in 1874 after Boulder residents contributed $15,000 to the territorial government. The school opened, with 45 students and one building, on September 5, 1877. Now more than 26,000 students at CU, 4% of whom are international students.

Boulder encompasses about 22.5 square miles at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and has a population of 94,763. The community is known for its recreational opportunities and beautiful natural surroundings, including open space acquired over the past 20 years. Boulder is known as a leading city for growth control as urban sprawl becomes a contentious issue statewide.

Boulder government operates under a home-rule charter with a council-manager government. Eight City Council members are elected to four-year terms; one is elected to a two-year term. The Mayor is elected as the chairperson by the Council from its membership and serves as the ceremonial leader of Boulder.