Open World

Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities participates in the annual Open World events. We host delegates from Tajikistan of different interests and professions.

Open World program is sponsored by the Open World Leadership Center, an agency of the U.S. Congress.

“Open World is an exchange and partnership program designed to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation between Eurasian and American leaders. It builds the groundwork for such cooperation by bringing emerging Eurasian civic and political leaders to the United States to work with their American counterparts during 10-day professional visits. Open World then facilitates ongoing partnerships among its Eurasian and American participants through virtual networking and post-visit activities. Since 1999, over 18,500 current and future Eurasian leaders have been hosted by some 7,100 families in 2,000-plus communities. The program is managed by the Open World Leadership Center, a U.S. legislative branch agency.”

OPEN WORLD – October 2013, Leadership program

Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities is delighted to be hosting an Open World Leadership program delegation of 6 young Tajik professionals.  The focus of their study tour is service learning and volunteering. They work for service organizations in Tajikistan. While in Boulder they will live with host families and visit various organizations including: Intercambio, Project-Yes, KGNU, The New ERA Foundation, Emergency Family Assistance, CU programs and other sites.

Open World  Leadership program is funded by the United States Congress.


In May 2012 The Open World was about accountable – governance. Tajik delegates from local governments in rural Tajikistan  met with Boulder City Council and Boulder County Commissionaires to learn about City and County management.


Visit to Boulder Municipal offices– from left to right: : Aminchon Pulatov, Ahrorjon Mirsalimov, Shokhin Asadov (interpreter), Nodir Ibrokhimzoda (facilitator), Boulder Mayor Mat Applebaum, Abdurashid Makhmadradzhabovich, Eshohonkhuja Faquerov

Music at Katmandu restaurant in Nederland;– from left to right:  two Nederland city trustees, Nederland band members, Eshohonkhuja Faquerov, band member, Nederland city administrator Aliesha Reis, Nederland Mayor Joe Gierlach, Ahrorjon Mirsalimov, Kneeling: city trustee, Abdurashid Makhmadradzhabovich, and Aminchon Pulatov

Attending Boulder City Council study session: left to right: Aminchon Pulatov, Abdurashid Makhmadradzhabovich, Eshohonkhuja Faquerov,Ahrorjon Mirsalimov,


Visit to Four MIle Canyon Fire District: from left to right: Ahrorjon Mirsalimov, Nodir Ibrokhimzoda (facilitator), Abdurashid Makhmadradzhabovich, Aminchon Pulatov, Four Mile Fire Chief Bret Gibson, Shokhin Asadov (interpreter)


Meeting with BoulderCounty Commissioners: left to right: Aminchon Pulatov, Commissioner Deb Gardiner, Commissioner Cindy Domenico, Eshohonkhuja Faquerov, Abdurashid Makhmadradzhabovich, Nodir Ibrokhimzoda (facilitator), Ahrorjon Mirsalimov

Exert from OPEN WORLD NEWS July 6, 2012 , Vol. 4 Issue 6
IN THE FIELD     At the Capitol Hill office of Sen. Michael Bennet (CO), legislative aide Grant Colvin (right) meets with a member of a May Tajikistani accountable-governance
delegation bound for Boulder, sister city to Tajikistan’s capital of Dushanbe. In Boulder, the delegation began most days by gathering at the Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse (below), a gift from the citizens of Dushanbe to their sister city. Boulder’s reciprocal gift, an Internet
cafe in Dushanbe, is being revitalized thanks in part to a social media campaign spurred by the Open World delegation’s facilitator. (Read more here: Boulder-Dushanbe Sister Cities hosted the Tajikistanis, who also met with Sen. Mark Udall’s state constituent services director, Carter Ellison, during their exchange.

To learn about Open World events in the past years please refer to the News Letters.

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